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Tuesday, March 20, 2018
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North Carolina Naturists - About Us
NCN is a non-landed club which means we do not have a specific location. We are a group of individuals who enjoy being clothes-free in the company of others who feel the same way. Meetings and wholesome get-togethers are held at other members' homes as well as at area nudist resorts located in North and South Carolina. Meetings in each others' homes are open only to NCN members and approved prospective members. Our club has been in existence since April of 1981.

We are affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR found at Information on the eastern region of AANR can be found at Please check out these web sites to get additional information on nudism/naturism.

If you have specific questions please click the "Contact Us" link at the top of this web site. 


Several NCN members, plus one potential new member, ventured down Saturday, October 1st, to the Columbia, SC area to enjoy an Oktoberfest with members of Travelites (another non-landed club). The weather was great for sitting outside, or for enjoying the hot tub, but only one individual was brave enough to get into the pool (the water was COLD). We had a wide variety of German beers and wines to taste, along with Blenheim's ginger ale (maybe not German but it is great stuff), while we stuffed ourselves with an assortment of hors d'oeuvres.

Our potential new member, Brad, got us all involved in a board game, and later we set down to a meal of beef with noodles, a delicious German salad made with red cabbage and green beans, along with another side salad of cabbage. We topped off the meal with German Chocolate cake and raspberry ice cream.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable visit and a great opportunity to meet other members of a non-landed club. If you would like to learn more about Travelites, their website is and they have planned events every month with an invitation to visit them.

If any members of NCN would like to host an event, please let us know. In addition, we encourage NCN members to join the board of directors.

Blues, Booze, and BBQ at Carolina Foothills Resort by Deby, NCN Representative

What a wonderful turn out at the event held at CFR on Saturday, August 27th. There were members from NCN along with meeting several new potential members. And with the temperatures in the 90's, what a great day to spend in a pool and working on the end of summer tan. The music was enjoyable, the food delicious, a lot of fun and games (Toby won one of the scavenger hunt prizes) and plenty of water volley ball.

If you want to host an event, please let me know. It's a great way to get to know one another, spend time in good company and all in the nude.

CCN Celebrates Amanda's Birthday By Nettie

When we attended the event in Snow Camp, we found that Jonathan and Amanda have a home that is perfect for entertaining. Amanda tried to have air conditioned indoor seating available for everyone. She allowed us to eat on her treasured dining room table and on her freshly laundered coverings on other tables. She was the hostess of elegance, arranging our food in a serving line around the huge island while Jon entertained the out-of-doors crowd at the grill. Through the week Jon had maintained the swimming pool so that it was crystal clear and inviting. Many of us hit the water immediately on this sultry day, while others added to their tan before cooling off in the pool.

At Amanda’s well attended birthday party there was a good showing of CCN members. TAN also was well represented. Although it is a good drive from Charlotte, we had 10 NCN members contributing to the celebration. We salute Jon and Amanda for their efforts at not only bringing new folks into wholesome social nudism, but also bringing together those of us in other naturist groups so that we may share ideas on how to grow our own groups in our individual areas of the state. Do we need a Naturist of the Year award in NC? If so, could anyone surpass this couple in their desire to grow wholesome nudism in NC. We are proud to have them associated with NCN.

Just June By Nettie

Our June gathering provided perfect weather, perfect setting, and a core group of our most active members. It was one of those afternoons we will look back on and say, "Remember when we had nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the company of our nudists friends?"

Have you been to Fred’s place recently? His yard is huge and with the spring comes renewed privacy. Fred now has a gorgeous water feature with frogs and fish and lily pads. The trickling sounds added to the relaxation of the day as we chatted beside the pond.

As Fred pulled the last of the hotdogs and hamburgers off the grill, we loaded our plates with salads and dressed the grilled items with special slow cooked chili plus all the neatly sliced trimmings. Who brought the mangos which appeared to be fresh picked? We know who brought the Krispy Kremes.

Chuck Wagon Chow Down By Nettie

Hee Haw! What a party! Our hostess greeted us in her pink cowboy hat and feather boa while her favorite cowhand stoked the coals around the meatloaf. Our picnic table was adorned with a red bandana tablecloth with matching plates and napkins, along with authentic chuck wagon glasses for the iced tea that was brewed over the campfire. Carol's baked-over-hot-coals meatloaf was so delicious that barely a morsel remained on the serving plate, and we almost had no room for the wide selection of chocolate desserts. I can't forget to mention the yummy campfire beans and homemade potato salad.

Carol proved that the small center-city apartment she owns has plenty of room for a small crowd. Even after downsizing, she has ample plush seating for comfortable conversation groups. We want to give a big Thank You to Carol and Toby for such a well-planned event with a theme that suited our bare necessities lifestyle. It was a wonderful day to be a nudist!

Visit from St. Nick By Nettie

There really was a visit from St. Nick. His two favorite reindeer led the way with Santa Walt arriving just in time for our festivities. Thanks for making this surprise visit, Walt. Mike and Lois will be remembered as the most famous reindeer of all.

We fed Santa well with glazed spiral ham, seafood, and chicken, trimmed with baked fruit and vegetables and a salad topped with everything. The theme of the dessert section was chocolate. Fred's elegant dining room table was full. At the conversation bar, there were trays of festive cheeses to taste with fresh vegetable snacks and all sorts of sweet treats to nibble. Included were all of the typical temptations of a classic holiday party.

Fred ordered special weather and had it shipped in from the coast. We do not ordinarily have 70 degree temperatures here in Charlotte in mid-December. In this lovely weather everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a sunny day outdoors on the large private deck.

If you were unable to attend this party, just picture one of our largest events of the year. Please remember that you were missed. Sorry we did not get to fill your stocking with nice surprises of the season. It was such fun!

Happy Halloween By Nettie

It was a perfect day to be outdoors at Walt's Paradise. Everyone who visits his place for the first time is envious of Walt's privacy and lifestyle. With October temperatures reaching 70 degrees, we were able to experience all aspects of this lovely property. The South Carolina floods did not affect this bit of high country.

The costume contest was a tie with two couples going way out to impress us with their Halloween spirit. The King and Queen of the Isle of Eden were dressed as natives of their Isle, wearing beautiful handmade leis at their necks and as headpieces. The King wore authentic-looking apparel as did the Queen with her Hawaiian sarong. Then the huge black feather wings and red horns of the Dark Angel arrived with her husband carrying a magic wand and wearing a delightful tutu skirt which hid blinking white lights. He was definitely under the control of his Dark Angel because he had wanted to come as Peter Pan, but she insisted that she needed a magic fairy instead.

Also attending this party was the gypsy with the gold tooth along with her bottle of love potion #9. We had a pirate with her souvenir bones and a very regal pharaoh complete with his King Tut headpiece. Cher made an appearance, as did the hardhat man and the sock puppet wearer. Walt sported a necklace with blinking orange jack-o-lanterns which made him the most jauntily adorned.

Someone brought a full page article from the Charlotte Observer, complete with pictures, favorably depicting nudism in our area. The article was dated 1989 and two of our members were in attendance when the reporter was gathering information for the article. It was easy to recognize the good-looking red-haired man who posed for the pictures.

Thank you, Walt, Deby, and Nettie for hosting another great day to be a nudist.

Fall Fun By Nettie

It was a perfect day to gather with friends and huddle around the chiminea which Mark kept well stoked on this drizzly day. Have you seen Mark's unique upper level workshop? He made several trips up and down the steps in order to cut wood for the fire.

Each of us had the choice to stay home and bemoan the wet weather or join in the fun, the food, and the fellowship with our nudist friends. Do you think a little drizzle could deter our hardy group from enjoying the outdoors? There was plenty of fun in the hot tub. If you needed to protect your "hair-do", you just held your umbrella. It was a comical sight to see the umbrellas bobbing up and down in the steam from the hot tub.

Lots of calories for the weak. Triple chocolate brownies that melted on your fork, plus several other chocolate delectables. Did anyone start with dessert? The fruit and salad people made delicious contributions to accent the roasted chicken and potatoes and the meatballs. No, not Jean's famous meatballs, but tasty enough in Jean's sauce.

We talked about Walt and hoped that he was ready to help us with our fall and winter planning. We mentioned Pam and wondered if her knee surgery was healing nicely.(editor's note: I thank you for the good thoughts and wishes--my knee is recovering, though slowly and painfully. Everyone says it will all be worth it in the end.) We figured Fred was representing us well at Nudestock. Someone suggested that we consider a trip to Cedar Creek this winter in order to enjoy their indoor pool and hot tub. Anyone want to take charge of planning such a trip?

Hey, warm weather friends, don't forget that NCN folks have fun in cold weather, too. We look forward to getting together again in October to celebrate Halloween. Our calendar is open for any other fall or winter ideas as well.

Pot Luck Pool Party By Nettie

Tour this house! Tonya and Sam have recently purchased a home built for entertaining. On the upstairs tour we discovered a special suite for their daughter, plus a guest room, and the future workroom for Tonya's crafts (which presently occupy a large room downstairs). The spacious master and huge bath are on the main floor with formal dining as well as a large open kitchen and family room. The modern color schemes of slate and dark and light earth tones will give the home lasting beauty. The slate continues outside in the rounding apron of the pool. Water from the upper level spa cascades into the pool below. We enjoyed both the upper and lower patio areas as well as the beautifully furnished upper deck. You must visit this gorgeous home should Tonya and Sam do an encore.

We were honored to have three prospective members with us. When introduced to South Carolina Hash, we must have pronounced it a hit because the extra large pot was almost empty after over two dozen members navigated Tonya's carefully arranged buffet line. Do you prefer cup cakes, donuts, cake, bread pudding, or warm pineapple and cheese? There were as many desserts as there were delicious entrees and appetizers. John, we get nervous if you are late with the donuts.

Nudeling was the favorite sport of the day and the weather was perfect. Those who wanted a good tan got their chance while others appreciated the overcast sky later in the day. By late afternoon, Tonya even provided drinks poolside. Well, she had staff. Thank you Tonya and Sam. It was a perfect skinny dipping day.

Foothills Blues Festival By Pam

Club member Georgie was emcee and the opening act at the Carolina Foothills Blues Festival. Several other NCN members attended and all enjoyed the music. It was such a success that the event will be held again next year!

Happy Birthday, Amanda! By Nettie

Nudeling: A group of naturists gathered in a huge swimming pool having meaningful (or otherwise) conversation while floating on pool noodles. This activity was the highlight of a wonderful day. Thank you for inviting us to Amanda's birthday party, Jonathan and Amanda!

We thought of Walt's private location as we ventured up the narrow gravel drive to find nudists in sight as we parked the car. We also found a menagerie of animals kept as pets. The two hens are expected to hatch out more hens in order to increase egg production a bit. The coyotes, however, were not a welcome part of the group.

Homemade hamburgers and real lemonade were served with the normal fare of slaw, potato salad, and baked beans. Fresh fruit and vegetables along with fresh mango salsa and chips added extra flare to the party table.

Amanda provided a seat for everyone to eat in air-conditioned comfort. She even allowed us to eat on her special Jacobean crewel embroidered table cloth, imported from Poland. Jonathan and Amanda hosted exchange students from that region as part of their family while their own two sons were growing up.

By late afternoon we were ready for birthday ice cream and pie to celebrate Amanda's birthday. It was the perfect ending to a perfect adventure in keeping cool on a hot summer day. If our club is lucky enough to be invited again, just remember that this location is definitely worth the trip!

Almost Summer By Nettie

Hamburgers, pork and beans, and donuts for the hungry were balanced out with a smorgasbord of healthy salads. Afterward, we all ate a bee (you have to see Deby for details on that one). If you love the summertime, have fond memories of croquet under the shady oaks, being squirted with cold water from the garden hose, and then drinking iced lemonade, you were transferred back in time at Walt's Paradise. Walt has told us many times that his home was built for such entertaining, but did you know that his wife drew the plans for this home and Walt had it built just to her specifications? Thank you Walt for allowing us to continue that tradition of nudist usage.

At this fun event we caught up on the latest news from our members. One lucky lady had a birthday where her husband presented her with a romantic ten day trip to a nudist city in Europe. The name sounds french, but je ne parle pas francais. Another member toured the art districts of Spain and Portugal as well as the nudist beaches located there. Two members are celebrating the publishing of their latest novels and also their first nudist caretaker assignment, which is in Columbia. Two happy people just purchased a new home with a pool. We are looking forward to visiting there. Our member vocalist is performing next Saturday in downtown Charlotte.

Our host went nonstop for the six hours we were there. Fred wanted everyone to get a hamburger that was hot off the grill. He even made a last minute trip to the store to assure there were plenty of forks for our salads. Afterward, he declined help with sprucing up the kitchen for Walt's leisurely Sunday breakfast. Thank you, Fred, for making sure that our visit was such a pleasure and that our calendar of events included some hot summer fun.

Marvelous May By Nettie

Combine a beautiful private setting with gracious hosts and lovely weather, and we get a huge turnout of members in attendance. The four outdoor seating areas contained discreetly placed electric fans as well as camouflaged television monitors for those who felt the need to keep up to the minute in sports.

Who brought the outstanding homemade cake with caramelized brown sugar frosting? Please do it again sometime. We expected rotisserie chicken, did not expect such good sauce. Lots of fruit: raspberries, strawberries, and big juicy papaya chunks. Vegetables hot and cold plus mini sandwiches and warm chips. Did the warm crab dip and chicken dip disappear before you got to the table? Did we mention that the Krispy Kremes were a hit? Who would have guessed.

The award for longest distance driven goes to our president and her chauffeur husband who diverted their spring route in order to meet us in Charlotte. They have become full-time RVers who winter in south Texas. They chose the good life for their retirement. If I failed to introduce any of our newish members to Pam and Bob, please forgive me. Pam has a bum knee (surgical appointment in a few weeks) and was encouraged to plant herself in one spot after the initial tour of the gardens. We hope these two can surprise us with a visit more often.

The first time we were invited to Mark's botanical garden, it was overwhelming. Subsequent visits are just as impressive. The ground cover blooms on this day were a sea of all pink and we left as the water lilies were closing their petals for the day. Misty, the wild map turtle, peeped out of the water to wink as we departed.

Cinco de Mayo By Pam

The weather was perfect, the location ideal, the food delicious, and the fellowship delightful! Hosts John and Laura provided a wonderful Mexican themed meal complete with cold margaritas. Games of corn hole, croquet, and cards added even more fun to the good conversation that always goes on at our gatherings.

Spring Fling By Jerry

Mother Nature displayed her most beautiful adornments for our Spring Fling. In addition to enjoying magnificent blossoms we delighted in abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. What a glorious day it was to share in wholesome social nudism! Thirty-one NC Naturists attended, including ninety-one-year-old NC Naturists stalwart and patron Walt.

The NC Naturists Spring Fling was hosted by member couple Jeff and Karen. This year marks the second consecutive year they graciously hosted the club’s springtime event. Jeff and Karen have a lovely home in a unique gated nudist community of single family homes. Their lush, neatly manicured lawn provided the perfect venue for either soaking up the sun in an Adirondack chair or joining a game of Cornhole. One naked attendee professed themself a novice to the game yet scored Hole-In-One’s with alacrity. Meanwhile nudist friends chatted on Jeff and Karen’s north facing spacious deck overlooking the lawn.

The order of the day was smiles and good cheer. Several members relaxed in the largest and grandest hot tub known to mankind. Our senior members took respite in Jeff and Karen’s comfortable sunroom. From the sunroom they comfortably viewed all the event happenings.

As typical for an NC Naturists event the food was delicious and plentiful. Our group is surely fond of eating well. Jeff served a wonderful hickory smoked glazed ham that he cooked in his smoker. The other members contributed covered dishes both savory and sweet. We ate heartily taking comfort in the knowledge that nudism is all about non-judgmental body freedom. Our many thanks to Jeff and Karen for once again hosting a marvelous NC Naturists Spring Fling.

Happy Nude Year Cocktail Party By Nettie

Brisk winter weather outside led us to fully appreciate the toasty fire inside. This house was perfect for entertaining our small group. Attendance was capped at 15 people. Each of us had a comfortable seat in the large, fully furnished living area, but just wait for warmer weather. There is privacy fencing around the entire back yard, a naturist's delight.

When Roy offered a taste of his orange push-ups, everyone agreed that this was dangerously delicious. Tastes changed when the pizza man arrived, nude of course. There was also an array of appetizers from vegetable trays, fruits, chips, dips, and lots of chocolate. But have you tried venison meatballs or yumasetta? There were at least three amateur gourmet chefs in attendance.

After only a short time, it was obvious that our hosts have varied interests from Harleys to French Bulldogs (family members), to fine art, as well as performance quality vocal talent. Our thanks to Rik and Roy for hosting this event. We look forward to returning for an out of doors event. Thank you to everyone who added food and drink to our Happy Nude Year party.

Visit from St. Nick By Nettie

The stockings were stuffed as Santa sat in his chair being his jovial self. Walt, how is it that we celebrate you on your birthday and here we are again to celebrate Christmas with you? This must be the official NCN clubhouse. Always we hear Walt's refrain, "That's what this place was intended for."

Upon arrival each nude elf was specially fitted with his/her own elf hat while Walt was gifted a completed wine bottle lamp, custom-designed for the holidays. When the handmade red bullwinkle platter donned its spiral cut ham, we all stuffed ourselves with the feast of the season. One jolly ole elf toasted the occasion with spirits he shared that were appropriately seasonal.

A few of the elves slipped out early. One in particular was to perform in the Singing Christmas Tree. Then a few lingered afterward in order to volley their observations of the political climate this Christmas. Santa gave everyone a goodbye hug in order that he might rest a few days before the big event.

Happy Birthday, Walt! By Jonas

Birthday boy...oh, boy, oh boy, did we celebrate! Talking with Walt yesterday, I learned that he believes it is very easy to get so many visitors at his home (about 30 for this party). "All you have to do is turn 90, and they will all come," he told me. The party was so much fun that Walt said he wanted to have birthdays more frequently and not have to space them 365 days apart.

What a wonderful time we had: checking who could freeze outside and who could melt inside, learning new recipes, and trying new favorite drinks. I will not mention a word on decorations because it was done by a rookie in the business, so let's leave any comments to the decoration pros. (Pam heard that a great job of decorating was done by Jonas!)

Personally, I enjoyed Walt's humor, his wit on everything he says, and his affection for all of his friends. He begged me to come again and I learned that he really enjoys visits. I cannot wait until the next gathering on December 13. I am also scheduling some summer visits. The place is gorgeous for hiking, getting lost, and relaxing.

Something I am learning from the NCN family is the care and love they show for visitors. They make everyone feel at home or even better than home since many cannot go nude at home as they can at our club gatherings. We had another couple yesterday and as I tried to learn something from them, here was this parade of NCN members connecting with information on professions, area where they live, and previous experiences. I love this from NCN. I like when nobody is ignored and everyone is affirmed. It's part of what makes our club such a nice group to be with.

Not Quite Halloween By Jonas

There were a total of ten people gathered to enjoy the delicious food. We had so many different appetizers that I cannot recall them all, but the pico de gallo, homemade by Mark and Harris (T) was the best. Thank you, Cecil, for allowing me to use your kitchen to make my arroz con pollo.

Our host had classical WDAV, my favorite radio station, playing all day long. I also enjoyed hearing Danell improvise some rhapsodies on the piano and seeing Cecil's pedal organ.

When Tonya arrived, quietness gave way to chatting and laughter. Thank you, Tonya, for an amazing afternoon. We need to have swimming water next time.

The weather and sun were fantastic, unusual for this time of the year. So we tanned and talked, talked and tanned, drank and talked... until some silly bees made us come back inside again.

I personally enjoy the family atmosphere that NCN has with its members. It is indeed a great family. We were discussing so many interesting things. Bumper stickers, nude birthday, and occasion printed cards. I learned more about us, our businesses and jobs.

I would like to do this more often and hope more members can open their homes to our club. The chain restaurant says, "When you are here, you are family" so I may say, "When you are nude, you are family, NCN."

Fall Welcome By Pam

The chance of rain held off to make Saturday's event at Tonya's a very pleasant day. As always, the food was wonderful! We enjoyed barbecued Boston Butt with an array of sauces, slaw, jambalaya, chicken wings, pasta salad & baked ziti. We celebrated Toni's birthday with triple layer chocolate chip cake & strawberry ice cream. Fred's homemade "French Silk" chocolate pie was delicious! ....and if the chocolate cake & chocolate pie weren't enough, we had an array of fine chocolate truffles to choose from. Several of us thought we were in "chocolate heaven"!

We were able to watch college football & auto racing inside or enjoy the outside warmth on Tonya's deck which she had transformed into a comfortable "nude zone" with the addition of some beautiful privacy screens.

Thanks to Tonya for opening her home and allowing us to enjoy such a pleasant and relaxing September afternoon!

Last Days of Summer By Nettie

Mark invited us to come and relax for the day in the fresh air and amazing beauty of their garden. There were sunny areas if one wished to take in the tanning rays of this bright August day. Those who preferred the shade found aesthetically placed electric fans throughout the garden. At times there was a natural breeze which nuzzled the three perfectly tuned wind chimes. Misty, the wild map turtle, kept her observation post beneath the full blooming lilies in her rustling pond. A treasure hunt of some time ago yielded the perfect pair of mermaids to guard the two water falls in the lily pond.

Our buffet dishes were arranged into a healthful display of fresh fruit and vegetables accompanied by Mark's baked chicken and other warm entrees. Then the pretty lady with the raspberry candy coated three layer cake arrived to set a new course. We all enjoyed the dessert bar, especially the cheesecake bites and the lemon crunch slices. Despite all of this temptation, one of our members has lost 30 lbs. during the past year.

By day's end we were aware that we had consumed adequate food and drink and that the fellowship with friends and the atmosphere of the garden had given us a relaxing message that would yield its benefit into the coming week. Many thanks to Mark and his lovely wife for sharing their home with us for the day.

Red, White, and Blue Celebration By Nettie

We had the Fourth of July spirit on this hot day in South Carolina, but the cool forest breeze around Walt's Haven kept us quite comfortable. Arrivals were scattered with some of us driving down early and others staying for the community dance at 7:30.

Fred must have been a good chef because the dozens of freshly grilled burgers and hot dogs vanished in record time. All the condiments were there too, even chili. Thanks to our good cooks, and our folks with good sources for the ready-made, we had plenty of beans, spaghetti, salads, fruits, snacks, and desserts. We even had hot, roasted corn. If you just had one taste of each item, you were stuffed by the time you finished.

We had some prospective members new to wholesome social nudism as well as some old timers just returning. We will be looking forward to seeing them all again next month. It's the perfect season to gather as nudists so watch for Pam's email to tell us how quickly someone volunteers to host in July and August.

Barnyard Buzzard Day By Pam

The barnyard buzzards were actually the delicious chickens that Jeff grilled as the main course in our pot luck feast. Other contributions included a new treat called Crispy Bacon Peanut Brittle that was just as yummy as it sounds. In addition to the pleasures of good food, were the fun of playing cornhole, the enjoyment of Jeff and Karen's hot tub, and the excitement of looking at the lots for sale in their private nudist neighborhood called Bare Acres.

Memorial Day Mayfest By Nettie

It was a picture perfect day to be nude outdoors, and Mark and his wife really know how to throw a party! Their outdoor garden and entertaining area is beyond words. Just imagine a backyard with privacy fencing and every inch covered in artful shrubs, decorative trees, bountiful flowers, and garden paths ----- the WHOLE back yard! Add to this the sheltered conversation areas and their collections of old, odd, and antique items carefully placed to blend into the natural surroundings. The professional home and garden shows cannot beat this display. Even though Mark actually is a professional, his yard is a wonder.

We were amazed at the many water features that served as wildlife habitats. The star of the show was the wild map turtle who has learned to come to the back door for food.

This home would be well worth an admission ticket. Should we again be invited here (and we behaved well so perhaps we will be), do not miss a chance to tour this home and garden. Even with 25 people attending, everyone had a chance to sit down to eat from the smorgasbord of season appropriate foods. Danell led our salute to the NCN veterans on this fun and memorable Memorial Day.

Got Cabin Fever? By Deby

On Saturday, 12 NCNers ventured out to Walt’s paradise to chase the winter blues away. While the morning air was still nippy, the afternoon sun didn’t disappoint. After a banquet of delicious food, everyone gathered on Walt’s front deck to soak up the warmth provided by Mother Nature. In addition to NCN regulars, there were several newcomers who we hope will join our club. Although held last minute, the entire get-together was indeed a great way to get rid of cabin fever. Everyone is definitely looking forward to future gatherings!

Nude Cocktail Party By Nettie

This was a terrific party, the kind where people party hardy and say, "Let's do this again, but not real soon." When we arrived, the crystal punch bowl was ready for the "Sip and Go Naked". Fred was strict when he said not to make a second batch, but then the Kamikaze arrived to fill the punch bowl anyway. When we skipped to dessert, we were given personalized shot glasses for the Carrot Cake. Jean turned blue after the test shot, so we modified the instructions to read, "Don't shoot, just sip". Then there was the wine tasting. Thank you to the folks who kept moderation in mind, and we appreciated our designated drivers. However, some of us have cut alcohol from the menu completely for a while. ;-)

First came the drinking and then came the food. Chicken and wings and dip of all different varieties for every taste along with cocktail shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, pot-stickers, sausage stars, moist handmade roll-ups, even beans and hot sauce placed beside the warm brie with french onions -- these were just a few of the highlights. We ate well.

We were asked to dress our best for this party. The award for best undress for a cocktail party went to female member Karen, and the male award to Frank. Of course we had to toast that!

Fred's house accommodates three conversation groups nicely, even in cold weather, with the most popular being the bull bar (except at Fred's we call it the moose bar). At the end of the day someone exclaimed that we did not need towels this time because we did not sit down. With 24 people and three different conversations to scan, we kept busy. Speaking of busy, Fred reports a serge in membership, both new and renewal. We are especially glad to see the return of good members from the past and the addition of new active members. Thanks for coming. We enjoy having you with our group and look forward to seeing you again next month.

Visit from St. Nick By Nettie

Even rain could not dampen the festive spirit. Fred's house was the perfect place for a nude Christmas. The roaring fire was stoked frequently on this cold December day . There were twinkling crystal lights and a winking moose. It is always a moose Christmas at Fred's. Spirits were high and the food was ample. The warm spiral ham came out of the oven for our center piece, flanked by croissants, deli cuts, and an assortment of cheeses. Homemade pumpkin pie and warm cookies drew us to the dessert area where Walt discovered pecan pie while others exclaimed over the assorted flavors of cheese cake. Voted first place in appetizers was the jalapeno cheese ball.

When we gather for Christmas, there are always presents. This year the outstanding gifts in our stockings included colored ornaments, lights, popping corn, chocolate, retro candy, puzzles, and special spirits; along with the ever useful back scratcher.

In lively conversation we discovered that we have several travelers in our group. Some were just returning from the Dominican Republic while others have recent experiences in Italy, Hawaii, and Korea. We were all envious of our folks on the nude cruise. It was distressing news that two of our favorites are moving to Durham. They promise to keep in touch and visit with us now and then. We were delighted to have a returning member, and we missed a special couple who could not attend. Don't miss the cocktail party next month!

An Attitude of Gratitude By Nettie

Hooray for new members! We are in awe of Deby who was approved for membership just last month. She stepped up to the plate and volunteered to host this month's event at Walt's Haven. Not only did she host, she provided the food. Although her pot of hot chicken and dumplings was the center piece, she was given rave reviews for her vegetarian casserole as well. Yea, Deby! With your kind offer to host, we can now boast our excellent record of having scheduled an exciting event every single month for the past 18 months. Thank you, Deby, for helping us continue the tradition of monthly events as well as the tradition of honoring our member veterans, giving thanks for our blessings at Thanksgiving, and honoring our birthday boys, Frank and Walt.

Walt, who has been a nudist longer than any of us, still has an appropriate admiration for the ladies. This was evident when he was completely stumped when asked, while standing near the fried chicken, if he were a leg man or a breast man.

Even though Sugar was unable to attend, Frank was armed with his normal good humor and Mike was ready for anything. Lois showed up with a new unscreened prospective member, which we know is against club policy. However, he was approved by Walt, but we decided not to tell Pam, who usually does our screening, anyway. This prospective member did not approve of anyone greeting anyone else with a hug. Whenever they did, it caused the little fellow to spring from Lois's lap and give his most ferocious little bark. He's going to have to change his attitude if he expects to be accepted in our club as a member!

Although the breeze was a bit brisk to spend the entire time outdoors, Walt had the temps inside perfect, so that we in our altogether were completely comfortable. Happy Thanksgiving to all and we'll see you in December.

Halloween Happening By Nettie

Jim and Karen did it again: hosted a great party! Their lovely home was adorned with everything Halloween. The artsy pumpkin and the colorful gourds were displayed by the fireplace. Black tablecloths covered the two long tables that seated all 24 of us with candlelit pumpkins as centerpieces, surrounded by all things scary.

Since we were asked to wear our nude costumes, we had the three wiglets, not recognizable from the rear by even those accustomed to seeing our rears. Some of the honorable mentions go to the wicked little witch in the sheer black cape, the leopard lady, rover with the studded collar, and the attentive life guard. Voted best of all was the skimpily clad hostess with the diamond dust eyelashes. Did we have fun or what?

We were delighted to have our own AANR Trustee reporting in from the California AANR meeting. Our club president travels far and wide and represents us well. We feel awed and indebted for the work Pam does for our club, whether she is here in the states or visiting their daughter in Korea. We applaud her skill and excellence in screening prospective members, maintaining our regular scheduling of events (how many emails does it take to set up each and every event?), and reminding us of our long standing policies that keep us both safe and secure as we invite members into our homes and neighborhoods. Thanks to her quick response to irregularities, we have never had a problem continue unchecked.

Our group can have only so much fun without food. The huge pot on the stove was boiling and properly stirred. Each of us partook of the steaming and fiery chili which came complete with cornbread, a side of potatoes, Asian slaw, deviled eggs, and many other delectables. We had so much fun that there was barely enough time to marvel at the fine modern art displayed so colorfully in this home.

Pot Luck Potpourri By Nettie

It was another birthday party. Mike turned 39 (again), so Sugar brought strawberry cream puffs and Nettie baked a cake. Walt celebrated the birthday by furnishing Mike's favorite, a pork tenderloin. He also let Mike cook it since he is the expert roaster. On his birthday, we allowed Mike to win the best joke award. He should have more birthdays. Is this the new Mike or the old Mike on rebound? Either way, we like him when he "turns loose".

The potpourri table was loaded. Walt thought he had hit the jackpot again, when he tasted the hot sausage cups from the crock-pot. Thanks to our new member who brought the crock-pot. We will not list your name since you are new to the club, but thanks for joining. We value our new members. Unfortunately, we lost a member and want to extend our sincere condolences to this new widow and her family. We shall be thinking of you at this sad time. On another note, we will be losing an active member who has a new job assignment on the other side of the world. We shall miss you, dear friend. Thanks for spending time with us.

Thanks to Mike and Lois for sponsoring this event and making sure everything was in fine order for our arrival. Thank you Walt, for your overwhelming hospitality. We filled the porch again, both for eating, and later for sunning in the spectacular September air. Walt's Haven always has a great turn out and perfect weather. Note to all members, October would be a great time to plan an event at your place. We promise to behave, sort of. Falling leaves are much easier to plan around than falling snow. Just ask Jim and Karen.

Birthday Bash in Birthday Suit By Nettie

It was a pool party at Frank and Rhonda's. The water was crystal clear, the volleyball net was set, and we had changed into our birthday suits. Then the sky opened and the rain poured. Our host was determined that our birthday suits experience the pool, so the pool party became a pool party, as in billiards. Frank put Mark in charge of pulling everyone into the game, whether they were pool sharks or whether they asked, "Where do I point the stick?" We even had some great spirited first timers to both pool and nudism.

Rhonda let it be known that she expected her guests to feel at home and wander her house at will. Taking her at her word, we rotated between conversation groups throughout the house. Frank, our BBQ chef, had our butt smoked and pulled, right on time for the hungry crowd.

Did we set an attendance record here? No wonder we ran out of room for side dishes on the buffet. I counted 26 people in birthday suits singing "Happy Birthday to Us" while eating chocolate cake and ice cream slathered in fudge syrup. If you were not at this "Birthday Bash in your Birthday Suit", you missed a rip roaring good time.

Thank you to all of our hosts and hostesses for opening their homes so that we might continue to be the close knit group who looks forward to a new event every month. Thank you for making this an active and lively nudist club. To all newcomers: please return your applications to our club's PO Box as soon as possible so that we may count you as a full member by the time we get together in September. We want you to become part of the fun.

Customer Appreciation Day By Nettie

Our gathering was billed as Customer Appreciation Day in order for Mark and Danell to discretely entertain our crowd of 24 nudist in their upscale HOA community. Actually, we really want to express appreciation to our exceptional host and hostess.

As nudists we sometimes imagine the Garden of Eden. Mark has created a bit of that feeling within the privacy fencing that surrounds his entire back yard. This obviously is a project developed over several years. You cannot imagine the beauty without actually seeing his lush garden complete with wildlife.

We found Mark to be multitalented. Besides his botanical interests, he and Danell are avid antiquers, collecting a wide variety of items with special interest in musical instruments as well as heirlooms. During the tour of the two story home, we discovered a hidden professional woodworking shop complete with exhaust system. This was the envy of every man present. We waited for Jean and Fred to drop in before ending our tour.

Chef Mark grilled tender and saucy brisket as the centerpiece of our buffet. Each guest added an appropriate side dish to complement the meal. We were pleased to have several prospective members join in the fun and hope each of them can join us next month.

Hawaiian Luau By Nettie

It was promptly at 1:00 pm that the hula girl arrived barefoot, wearing a grass skirt and coconuts. She was the star of the luau and Walt will have souvenir memories of sugar plums dancing around his bed for nights to come. Did we mention that she was even good at corn hole?

While some played nude lawn games, we spectators cheered from the shade of the front porch. Mark was in charge of all things kiki. Surely you heard the roars of laughter. Wherever you were, we missed having you there.

When it was time to eat we proudly wore the colorful leis Toby had presented as gathered around, luau style, to sample the spread of Hawaiian inspired delectables. Toby had grilled chicken kabobs which he and Carol had meticulously prepared. Fred kindly offered to help with the grilling, but received a wasp sting on his thumb. No one offered to kiss it even though that kiss might have been acceptable and not considered a public show of affection prohibited in nudist clubs. :-)

While eating, we gathered on the screened conversation porch where all 18 of us were able to sit with the luxury of tables and chairs. We were delighted to have prospective members and new members join in the fun. Many thanks to our hosts Toby and Carol and to Walt who made us feel at home at his private estate.

Carolina Foothills Resort Open House By Pam

The weather did not cooperate for the free Open House. Chilly weather with some rain was the order of the day. Despite those conditions, seven folks from NCN gathered (or should I say "huddled") to enjoy each others' company and the events planned especially by CFR to welcome visitors. Nudists believe in being nude when practical and dressed when necessary. Necessity ruled the day.

Wine a'll feel better! By Nettie

Thirteen NCNers met on April 13th for an elegant wine tasting. We enjoyed a very professional presentation by a knowledgeable wine consultant who enjoyed discussing all facets of wine, including proper wine etiquette. Did we hold our glass properly? Did we know how to make a proper toast? It was a new experience in sophistication for some of us. We were learning, sharing, and toasting along with uproars of laughter. Furnished along with the wine was a spread of assorted cheeses, special crackers, chocolates, and huge strawberries. Afterward, we ate hot mini Ruben snacks, wonderful Italian pastries, cheesecake, and many other delectable offerings.

Would you like to sponsor a fun-filled tasting in connection with your next party, wedding shower or such? It does not have to be a nude occasion, of course. Contact Pam through the web site and she will put you in touch with member Ron, an excellent wine consultant.

Wearing o' the Green By Nettie

All 17 of us who gathered at Walt's Haven to celebrate St. Patrick in temperatures above 80 degrees had soooo much fun. This was our first event of the year that was full-time nude, in the shade or in the full sun. Those of us who stood out in the sun came home with our first pink cheeks of the season.

Mark was in rare form without Danell's supervision, so we teased him a mite more than we should, but Mark thrives on making awkward moments memorable. Lois, Mike, and Walt outdid all other hosts in atmosphere plus trinkets, so that everyone could wear a touch of green. We were asked to bring food that was either Irish, green, complemented green, or served in green. You should have seen (and tasted) just the appetizer table! At the main course table just remember, should you ever be invited to savor Mike's slow grilled tenderloin, do not pass up the opportunity. Ask anyone there. Thanks to everyone who brought the attractive and delicious side dishes.

Happy Valentine's Day By Nettie

A Valentine's Day celebration with occasional near whiteout snowfall!! Twenty people arrived midday bringing a luncheon spread which went the length of the counter top and featured all-you-can-eat wings, meatballs, macaroni, and very dark red velvet cake along with innumerable accompaniments for each course. Our host and hostess demonstrated that entertaining our dignified, yet high energy group can seem effortless, even within the jurisdiction of an upscale homeowners association. Guests to this home enjoy a vast collection of colorful contemporary art of many mediums and by various artists, plus the added treat of hearing the stories behind the acquisitions. If you love art displayed in a lovely home which can entertain over twenty people at a sit down meal, you must look forward to a return invitation to this home in one of the elegant suburban areas of Charlotte.

Lucky 13 By Pam

Some people see the number "13" as unlucky. The folks who gathered at Walt's place on January 13 didn't see it that way. They felt lucky to enjoy the warm air as they socialized with fellow members and ate a delicious pot luck meal on Walt's screened porch. A prospective member who attended and has decided to join NCN wrote thanking me for inviting him. He felt lucky to have met such a nice group of people, naming individuals and adding, "...and all the rest of the people were so nice and friendly." We're all lucky to have such a great club!!!

Visit from St. Nick By Nettie

Many thanks to Fred for hosting a delightful Christmas Party. His home was fully adorned with all things Christmas including his many Christmas Moose. While some were toasting in the holiday spirit, others were stuffing our stockings to the brim with wonderful gifts from candles to musical recordings. The dining room table was filled with a huge spiral-cut ham plus a half dozen other main dishes accompanied by wonderful side dishes and an unbelievable selection of fresh made desserts. No one left hungry.

By mid- afternoon even the most hesitant were able to test the sun's rays with warm temperatures and a calmed breeze. Thanks to our kind host, numerous members, and welcomed prospective members, we had a great turnout and a lot of holiday fun.

Turkey Trot By Nettie

Walt's Haven is ideal and truly everyone there wished for a wonderfully secluded place such as this not only for entertaining but actually for full-time nude living. By afternoon, the temps cooperated for outdoor activities. Everyone seemed like old friends. Our gracious hosts, Mark and Danell arrived at 8am and according to Walt, Mark was a whirling Mr. Clean for about an hour and then everything was ready for guests.

Karen had been up since 4am in order to provide us with a moist, tender turkey in honor of Thanksgiving. Host, Mark, did the carving like a pro. Who knew his skills extended into the kitchen? Besides the turkey, other features of our buffet included London-broil, special meatballs, sushi rice, scalloped potatoes, buttered potatoes, potato salad, butter peas, gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, as well as other tasty morsels. After eating, we proudly honored the veterans present. Anyone who missed this fun and sunny occasion, missed a great November day on the calendar of nude fun. If you have never been to Walt's, be sure to attend the next function there. His place is truly a natural haven on a secluded SC hillside.

Italian Delight

As editor of our web site and president of our club, I (Pam) am the person who ordinarily writes up the brief summaries of our events. However, one of our members (Nettie) has written such a good description of this month's event that I'm just going to copy the whole thing here for your reading pleasure.

Our gracious host Jean (pronounced John) invited us into his gorgeous home in the suburbs of Charlotte. A special point of interest, on arrival, was the masculine game room. This was not a room for board games and ball games, but big game from the Arizona desert near where Jean lived for a time. The room was large enough to accommodate the elk and deer as well as the lucky hat collection. The poised coyote was an eye catcher as well.

If you missed this event, you missed a gourmet meal that began with the compelling aromas of Tuscany served in the spacious Tuscan country kitchen overlooking the horse barn and beautifully fenced grazing pasture. Even the huge, rough hewn table was reminiscent of Roman influence. The menu was very special meatballs in an amazing marinara along with ratatouille, salad, and the antipasto (which had been nibbled since our arrival). Forgetting about dessert, we were then presented with Fred's own cappuccino cheesecake, topped with roasted coffee beans dipped in dark chocolate. Should we again be invited to this location, mark it a must attend.

Rockin' Good Time By Pam

The folks who collected rocks from Walt's spacious grounds weren't the only ones who had a rockin' good time. The rest of the crowd who spent time sharing stories and getting to know one another better had just as much fun for a lot less work. ;-) As always, the pot luck selections were numerous and tasty. There was more food than we could eat so folks shared left-overs to take home and enjoy there. We can remember the great time we had as we savor the food back home.

Fun on Fred's Deck By Pam

It may have rained in the morning, but the sun was shining in time for Fred to grill yummy chicken kabobs outside on his nude-friendly deck. The other members provided dishes ranging from baked beans to peach cobbler. Good conversation rounded out the day. Reasons for more male than female interest in wholesome social nudism was just one of topics discussed.

Saturday Games By Pam

Nine of us gathered again in Lewisville to enjoy an afternoon of conversation, games, and (of course) food. Fred brought along Jenga, a game only for those with nerves of steel. Since Farkle is more a game of chance, it was a relaxing game for after our delicious pot luck. We dined on Japanese curry, Italian sausages with peppers and onions, crock pot macaroni and cheese, crisypy 3-bean salad, cold fresh fruit bites, and Peaches 'n' Cream served with blackberry ice cream. Yes, it tasted every bit as good as it sounds!

Farkle Anyone? By Pam

Eight of us had a great time playing the dice game called Farkle. Some folks enjoyed it so much they're going out to get it for themselves. The food was just as good as the game and featured Chinese Shrimp Chili, venison meatballs, and a variety of other tasty edibles. I believe the prospective member who drove 3 3/4 hours each way to join us wins the prize for traveling the furthest to be with our club. Hooray for Ike!

Summer Enjoyment By Pam

NCN members and guests gathered at Walt's beautiful, secluded homestead where clothing was quickly shed. The day was warm and sunny. The potluck dishes were plentiful and delicious. Everyone enjoyed the food, the conversation, and remembering past good times like the mud pond on private property we used to visit. Mud pond or not--it's always fun to get together.

Welcome to Spring By Pam

There's no better way to welcome spring than nude. The weather is warming up enough to make freedom from clothing very comfortable. Fred was again a wonderful host, serving up brauts and burgers to accompany everyone's pot luck contribution.

Holiday Party By Pam

Twelve holiday elves gathered at Fred's house to put surprise treats in each other's stockings and share a yummy meal. There were old friends, new friends, and friendly newcomers. As always happens at an NCN event, everyone was made to feel welcome and had a good time.

Spider Stew By Pam

More than Spider Stew was on the menu for our Halloween pot luck and it was all delicious. A total of 14 members and prospective members gathered for some Halloween fun, but it wasn't easy recognizing them. Gladiators, road construction workers, pirates, a hula dancer, and even Kilroy were there.

Good-bye, Summer By Pam

Enjoying a pleasant afternoon in Charlotte was a great way to say good-bye to summer. The pot luck featured delicious food highlighted by Fred's grilling expertise. TV football brought the coming of fall into focus. Upcoming events for the fall calendar were discussed.

Pool Party By Pam

Dave and Amy opened their home and pool for a Sunday afternoon get-together. We all know there's nothing that feels quite as good as a cool skinny-dip on a hot day. That was certainly the case at this event.

Texas BBQ By Pam

Corn hole and croquet were part of the fun at this Texas-themed event. Lois even brought some borrowed cowboy hats to help people get into the spirit. The day was hot, as July in the Carolinas usually is, and the camaraderie pleasantly warm.

Welcome Summer By Pam

It was a great event welcoming summer. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm, and the deck was full. Ten NCN members were there plus three prospective members, two of whom have now joined. Of course there was plenty of food as there always is at our get-togethers. Good food and good fellowship are the hallmarks of any North Carolina Naturists event.

Carolina Foothills Resort Open House By Pam

The sun was warm and the breeze refreshing for this annual event in South Carolina. There were activities folks could participate in or they could choose to just sit quietly and enjoy the day. Either way, it was a pleasant day for all.

St. Paddy's Day Celebration By Pam

Although the participants didn't wear much, they did try to wear a bit o' the green--green hats, wrist bands, and beads were in evidence. Green foods such as broccoli casserole, cabbage, and green salad as well as the traditional corned beef were all hits. Trivia games enlivened the party as old and new friends shared the day.

Seafood Chowder Pot Luck By Pam

The weather was perfect for a steaming bowl of Dave's homemade seafood chowder accompanied by yummy offerings brought by the guests at Saturday's get-together. As always, good food and friendly conversation were the highlights of a comfortable afternoon spent in the company of fellow nudists.

Visit from St. Nick By Pam

We gathered at Fred's in Charlotte for our holiday get-together. Fred had prepared pork barbecue to which everyone else brought side dishes for a delicious pot luck. Everyone also brought their holiday stockings so "St. Nick" could fill them with treats. It was a fun time for all.

Pre-Thanksgiving Feast By Pam

Twenty NCN members gathered at Walt's beautiful property in rural South Carolina. Both a delicious pot luck meal and warm fellowship were featured. Everyone was thankful that we are free to enjoy wholesome social nudism, but Walt was especially thankful for the friends who managed to get his battery-dead tractor out of the woods and to where it could be made functional once more.

Carolina Foothills Resort Fall Open House By Pam

90 degrees didn't feel so bad in the shade. A slight breeze helped the group feel comfortable enough to tolerate the warmth for a good part of the afternoon. Then we moved indoors to the air conditioned clubhouse. Lois involved all of us in working her crossword puzzle. It was a fun activity as the blanks one person filled in helped another person fill in even more.

Free hot dogs and chips were served for lunch while a fried chicken dinner could be purchased for dinner. Our members never go hungry whether it's a club pot luck or a visit to CFR.

Walt's Haven in the Country By Pam

Yes, Mother Nature continued her heat wave during our time at Walt's. But that didn't keep folks from enjoying their pot luck meal outside on Walt's spacious screened-in back porch. Afterwards, everyone did move inside where they shared an afternoon of fellowship and friendship.

Fun at Fred's By Pam

We can't thank Fred enough for consistently volunteering to host events at his house AND doing such a great job of it! (Can't neglect to mention our other super-host, Walt--you and Fred are the BEST!) This time Fred grilled chicken and brats while other members brought their favorite pot luck dish to share. Even though Fred has a private outdoor deck, the hot summer weather made visiting inside his air conditioned home the chosen alternative for a pleasant afternoon.

2010 World Record Skinny Dip By Pam

Although only one of our NCN members joined Travelites for canuding on a quiet South Carolina stream, he told me it was so enjoyable he hopes more members will join the fun next year. Bob and Pam joined the AANR Skinny Dip at Juniper Woods in New York state. If anyone participated elsewhere, please drop me a line and I'll add you to the list.

Roaring Twenties at Carolina Foothills By Pam

Carolina Foothills had a Roaring Twenties theme for one Saturday in June. A few of our members joined in the fun. The weather was so hot that time in the shade was at a premium. Bob and Pam, Roving Ambassadors for AANR-East as well as NCN members, met with the current president of CFR and the P.R. person during their time at the club. Others enjoyed the sun or the shade by the pool, whichever best suited them. It was a pleasant way to spend the day.

Week-end at Walt's By Pam

Mother Nature smiled on us this time. The weather was plenty warm and the rain held off. Nine current NCN members and three first-time attendees (who joined NCN that very day)enjoyed the desirable weather, delicious food, and delightful company!

Carolina Foothills Open House By Pam

The weather wasn't quite as warm as we would've liked it Saturday and the rain could've stayed away, but there were lots of activities to distract us. There were poolside games, a volleyball tournament, hot dog lunch, potluck supper, and a dance to finish off the evening. Plenty to do in the company of friends.

Visit from St. Nick By Pam

We always have a visit from St. Nick at our holiday party. Everyone brings enough little token gifts to put in the stocking of each attendee. Of course everyone must also bring their own Christmas stocking. The gift is not meant to be anything expensive and you just bring multiples of whatever you select to give. It was lots of fun to look into the stuffed stockings and finding the treast left by our NCN friends before heading home.

Week-end at Walt's By Pam

Not everyone was able to spend the week-end, but twelve members did come together on Sunday for a delicious pot luck meal. Fred manned the grill and prepared hot dogs and burgers for all who wanted them. There was also chicken with brocoli, yummy lasagne, and lots of good stuff for dessert. It was a great gathering of good people and the weather even cooperated!

Guinness World Record Event + Canuding By Pam

Members of North Carolina Naturists joined the Travelites and Triangle Area Naturists in helping set the Guiness World Record for the most people skinny dipping stimultaneously. The experience was part of a trip canoeing down a low country South Carolina river. It was great fun for those who took part!

Spring Fling By Pam

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the season clothes-free. Both the sun and the hospitality were abundant at Laureen and Tom's lovely home. The food, as always with our group, was yummy and the conversation pleasant. After some time spent indoors, folks moved out onto the deck. Neither the weather nor the company could've been better!

Carolina Foothills Open House By Pam

We had gorgeous weather for the gathering of our group beneath the shady shelter at the end of the pool. We shared snacks, news, and the fellowship that always accompanies our get-togethers. It was wonderful to see everyone. A few of us hung around for the progressive dinner. The delicious food made us glad we had done so.

Holiday Party By Pam

An evening of good food, good conversation, and a visit by St. Nick entertained our members who attended the December get-together. As was customary for our holiday party, everyone brought their Christmas stocking and put it by the fireplace to see what goodies St. Nick would deposit inside. At the end of the evening, everyone had fun emptying out his stocking. Thoughtful and fun items were found. An especially nice treat were the ceramic snowflake tree ornaments Fred had made for each attendee.

Visit to Walt's Haven By Pam

Walt has such a lovely and private place in South Carolina, not far from Charlotte, that he invited us to join him there once again. The sun was warm and the weather cooperative. Although the group was small, the company was enjoyable.

Pot Luck by the Fire By Pam

Fred graciously opened his home to host a pot luck party. The weather was chilly so he had a roaring fire going in his pot bellied stove. It's always so cozy to feel that warmth on a cool day. Although the group was not large, it was congenial so a pleasant afternoon was spent sitting by the fire.

Hot Tub and Hot Food By Pam

It turns out we should have included "Hot Weather" in that title. The weather was perfect for enjoying our pot luck out on Jimmy's deck, but it was too hot for any of us to venture into the hot tub. Instead we enjoyed each other's company and his lovely yard. We even picked fresh pears and figs from his trees to take home with us as an extra bonus.

Pool Party Pot Luck By Pam

Jim graciously invited us to enjoy the pool at his place. There were sunny spots and shady spots so that the sun lovers and the shade seekers could all find a place to sit comfortably. As is customary with our club, members brought along plenty of good food to share. It was a beautiful August day spent in the company of friends.

Fourth at Foothills By Pam

Several of our members journeyed to Carolina Foothills Resort in South Carolina to celebrate the 4th of July. Foothills had special activities planned for the entire day and evening. It was a busy and fun time.

Cook-Out By Pam

The rains held off for the cook-out gathering at Bob's. A small band of faithful NCNers welcomed a prospective new member. As always, there was plenty of food: Bob's grilled chicken was surrounded by several salads, a casserole, and a nice selection of salsas. We are looking forward to the next gathering over the July Fourth weekend at Carolina Foothills.

Annual Reunion By Pam

The weather was perfect and there was plenty of room at Walt's for those who preferred sun and those who preferred shade. Fifteen present and potential members shared great food and good conversation. As in the past, Bob brought some wonderful barbeque from one of his favorite restaurants in Charlotte; the beef brisket disappeared in minutes so everyone went back for seconds on the pulled pork. And, as always, members filled out the buffet with wonderful salads, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and luscious desserts.

Spring Fling By Pam

Spring cooperated so well that we were able to fling off our clothes at Bernie and Jerry's and enjoy the sunshine outdoors. We even took the ever plentiful food outside to eat. After lunch Bernie brought out bubble blowers of various sizes and bubble solution for us to play with (you're never too old to play). Eleven members and three prospective members thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Welcome Spring By Pam

We had hoped to welcome spring on Fred's outdoor deck, but Mother Nature decided to make it a chilly, drizzly day not conducive to outdoor enjoyment. Instead we celebrated spring indoors next to the warming heat from Fred's wood burning stove. An even dozen of us shared the warmth along with some yummy food and delightful company.

Super Bowl Party By Pam

Since folks preferred returning home before dark, it turned into more of a pre-game party. As usual, the pot luck provided food that was both plentiful and delicious. To get in a "game" mood, everyone sat down with Walt's Scrabble board. It may not have been as elaborate as the Super Bowl, but it was every bit as much fun!

Holiday Party By Pam

Our traditional holiday party at Bob N.'s in Charlotte provided, as always, a great time for all who came. Two prospective members added new faces to the group of old friends who gathered to share holiday cheer. Honey-baked ham was joined by an array of accompanying dishes brought to share. There was food aplenty.

Everyone had brought along his/her Christmas stocking to line up along Bob's fireplace. I'm not sure how he did it but St. Nick managed to sneak in and fill the stockings while we enjoyed a delicious meal. Our evening ended after we'd all emptied our stockings and ooo-d and ahhh-d over the contents.

Thanksgiving Potluck By Pam

A group of nine members and two prospective members gathered at Pam and Bob's house Saturday afternoon to break bread, enjoy fellowship, and share reasons for Thanksgiving. The consensus was that we were all fortunate to have so many blessings for which to be thankful.

Everyone was brave enough to try the Polish Pork and Dill Pickle Soup Pam had made before digging into the goodies others had brought to share. Taste delights included potato lasagne, curried chicken, old fashioned dressing, pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes with kielbasa and onions, salad, brownies with cream cheese topping, and a savory casserole. The only thing better than the food was the friendship.

Nudestock By Pam

Not many of our members were able to make it to Cedar Creek for Nudestock, but those who went had a great time. The weather was pleasantly warm during the day and cool in the evenings. Saturday featured a petanque tournament. Baskets filled with goodies were raffled during the week-end. As always, the music was excellent, highlighted by a nude DJ on Sunday night.

Enjoy the Outdoors By Pam

The weather at Walt's outdoor haven (or is that heaven) didn't disappoint. The first part of the day it was plenty hot for those who like the warm weather. Then a brief rain shower cooled things down for those who prefer their weather a little less toasty. We had nine members, one guest, and two prospective members in attendance.

As usual, their was more than enough food to please every appetite. A highlight was the fresh tomatoes, something everyone agrees is one of summer's finest treats. The good company just enhanced the good food.

Fourth of July Fireworks By Pam

Carolina Foothills lived up to its reputation in providing a fun Fourth for everyone there. Free pizza to which you added your choice of toppings was served in the clubhouse at noon. At dinner, the meal of chicken or pork with baked beans, cole slaw, and a wide assortment of pies, puddings, and cakes was well worth the cost. Evening fireworks were spectacular, lasting almost an hour. It was proof that even though NCN doesn't have its own land, it certainly enjoys travelling to clubs that do.

Costume Party By Pam

The weather failed to cooperate yet again. However, the garden appreciated the much-needed rain and it stopped in time to give everyone a dry ride home.

The good news is that there was plenty of room on the host's deck for everyone to enjoy the outdoors despite the dampness. The yummy pot luck was served in the kitchen and included rotisseried chicken, pasta salad, and lots of other goodies. Costumes included a mechanic and Kilroy, who was definitely there. Congenial conversation made the afternoon pass all too quickly.

Annual Reunion By Pam

The weather just did not want to cooperate for our Homecoming gathering at Walt's, but the hospitality and comaraderie were as warm as ever! Friends started gathering early in the day; it was a wonderful mix of "old timers", new members and a visitor from Columbia.

As always, there was just too much food: Bob brought two boxes of barbeque (both beef brisket and pork), a bowl of dynamite sauce, two trays of macaroni and cheese and a healthy tray of cole slaw. Everyone else rounded out the menu with steaming crock pots and casserole dishes brimming with luscious side dishes. And, as always, there were the desserts!

Even though we barely could get outside, (yes, pun intended) we did have a great afternoon catching up on all the news from each other. We also started thinking about what kind of "costumes" we'd be putting together for our next event coming up in June. As folks begain leaving late in the afternoon, we all thanked Walt for another wonderful get-together...we look forward to seeing everyone in Troutman next month!

Who's the Fool?? By Pam

There were staggered arrivals as folks came from far and near to join us outside Winston-Salem. After all the expected members had arrived bearing their pot luck contributions, we sat down at two tables to enjoy a sumptuous repast.

Since it was April Fool's Day, the plan was to see who could fool their friends best with a story from either their recent or distant past. There were stories of a former girlfriend on a "snipe" hunt, a trip to foreign beaches that involved injury to one of our members, a missed cruise ship, a subway (the New York kind, not the sandwich kind) meeting with a former Attica prisoner, unusual names, and more. Everyone told his story with such a straight face that it was hard to decide who was pulling our legs and who wasn't. In the end, John won the prize for fooling more people than anyone else.

Wearing o' the Green By Pam

Although we were officially gathered to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the real celebration was for another reason. Everyone was very happy for Derek and Hazel who recently were awarded U.S citizenship. Congratulations and way to go!!!

Other highlights included the delicious grilled chicken and salmon that Bob N. prepared as well as the yummy side dishes provided by everyone present. The food must've been good since another new couple who were there decided to officially join NCN. Welcome to them!

Palate Pleasing Potluck By Pam

Fred had a roaring fire ablaze in the fireplace so we were all toasty warm despite the chill outdoors. The warmth of the fire was matched by the warmth of the fellowship shared around that fire. We were joined by three visitors, two of whom joined our club that very evening. They're a wonderful couple and will be a great addition to our group.

The food at our potluck lived up to the event's title. Everything was indeed palate pleasing from the shrimp creole prepared by Fred to the meatloaf made by Walt to the five different dessert choices. It was another delightful evening spent in the comfortable company of friends.

Fun and Games By Pam

Everyone had a great time at Kim and David's house...enough food to feed an army, as usual. After eating (way too much) folks broke into two groups for games. One table played the Mexican Train Game while the other table played Apples to Apples. While the first table had great fun keeping Derek from cheating at the Train Game, the other table kept erupting in laughter at Apples to Apples. The Mexican Train table had to ask them to hold it down and try not to have so much fun. In retaliation, they "tooted" the train horn as often as possible.

Information about Walt's recovery from back surgery was shared. Although Walt feels recovery is going well, it was still a little soon for him to be traveling so he had to miss the party. We all hope he continues so smoothly on the road to recovery that he'll be able to join us at our next event.

Christmas Party By Pam

"All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...." and sure enough lots of St. Nicholas's were there! At Bob N.'s holiday party, that is. It's always fun to see what goodies have been deposited in those stockings arranged around his fireplace for the evening. This year was no different from previous ones in the pleasure that the shared fun, food, and fellowship provided.

What do I Pack?
What to pack? A light travel bag containing two towels per person (polite nudist etiquette means that you always carry your own towel to sit or lounge on and a second one for the pool), sun block, any athletic equipment and shoes you'll need, toiletries, and a cover-up for chilly days/nights or when you've had too much sun.

Although some clubs allow visitors to remain clothed while touring the club as a first timer, most clubs expect guests to be "clothed when practical, nude when appropriate." Visitors, as well as members, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that would be considered acceptable at any other public social gathering. There will be people of all ages and backgrounds - families, couples, children, young and old - and they will all have one thing in common… they decided to participate in nude recreation. As a first timer, please make this important observation, even though you might anticipate it, a nude environment does not have any special sexual connotation.

"On my first visit, must I be completely nude right away?" At a clothing optional club the answer is no. At this type of club you can ease into it slowly. At a full nudist club, once you've toured the grounds, you're expected to be nude. At either style club you'll find yourself wanting to shed your "second skin" sooner rather than later. Why? Because people all around you are nude, quite relaxed, and enjoying their day. Here, being nude is the norm and it's more comfortable.

The benefits of nude recreation are based on acceptance of self and respecting the individuality and freedom of others. Experience the nudist lifestyle and you liberate your mind and body, you rediscover the joy you knew as a child… the spirit deep inside you.


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Your First Visit
There are two types of clubs - landed and non-landed. Non-landed club members usually meet at each other's homes and attendance is usually restricted to members or prospective members. Landed clubs are generally open to other nudists, but some may have certain restrictions. They have their own grounds and facilities are are often referred to as resorts. Some are luxurious, others rustic.

Before deciding on a club for your first visit, be sure to check out their web site (we have links to area clubs on the left side of this web page). Is attendance restricted to people who belong to one of the two national nudist organizations, AANR or TNS? What facilities are offered? Does the tone of the resort, rustic or luxurious, fit with your tastes? Are any special activities planned for the dates of your anticipated visit? What are their admission and singles policies? What are the costs? Are pets allowed? Are rooms or campgrounds for overnight stays available? Are reservations required? Remember to plan your day out, get-away weekend, or vacation as you would any other. The more you know, the more comfortable you'll feel when you arrive.

Each club has its own policies regarding admission, activities, facilities, and the consumption of alcohol. As in any public place, underage drinking and the use of controlled substances is prohibited. All overt sexual activity is also prohibited. Naturist clubs are family-oriented.  

Nude Recreation...A Woman's Perspective
The following article was taken from AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) materials. Although it was written with landed clubs in mind, its essence also holds true for non-landed clubs like NCN. The main difference is that we find the same relaxation indoors in other members' homes as members of landed clubs find outdoors. Here's the article.

Do you remember skinny dipping when you were young - the luxurious feeling of freedom and innocent fun that you felt then? You owe it to yourself to rediscover the child in you, to recapture that innocence no matter what your age, your occupation, or your physical appearance. Self acceptance and total relaxation are two of nude recreation's greatest contribution to today's woman.

"One of the healthiest things I did for myself was to try nude recreation. I quickly learned that being nude is actually quite natural, what you might call a life enhancing experience. Why? Because having gone nude in a social setting, I now accept who I am and feel comfortable with my own body. Experiencing who I am on the inside has become more important to me than what I look like on the outside. Sure, I still enjoy being well groomed, but I no longer feel the stress associated with trying to wear trendy clothes or that I'm not living up to fashion magazine images of what my body is supposed to look like.

When I'm at an AANR club, I'm in a relaxed community. It's a very supportive environment. Being nude has become the most normal thing in the world. I sometimes wonder, you'll pardon this well-worn phrase, what took me so long. The people I've met are courteous and friendly, there are no pressures, no daily hassles. At a club it's easier to relate to people on the basis of who they really are, not by the image their clothes say they are. And I feel a sense of respect for me as an individual. It feels fabulous to be judged by who I am and not by the physical condition of my body or the style clothing I'm wearing. Now, whether I'm at a nudist club or at my job, my self esteem says, 'Hey, I am a beautiful person!' My whole being is more relaxed; I've never been this confident."

Whether you're married and you and your husband decide to go to a nudist club, or you're single and your friend extols the virtues of being nude, you may still have reservations. It's normal. Once you're there, you'll quickly overcome your concerns.

AANR clubs maintain ethical standards of behavior in a wholesome, family friendly atmosphere. Everyone accepts each other as they are. It doesn't matter if you have a surgical scar, had a mastectomy, have large breasts or small breasts, wide hips and a flat belly or a little belly and narrow hips. No one expects you to have a perfect body. Nudists are secure in who they are and they create environments that make you feel safe and comfortable. From the moment you remove your clothes, you will feel safe and comfortable, and free…free from your restrictive 'second skin', free to truly relax, and free to just be you.

For whatever reason you decided to try nude recreation, you will soon realize that it is something you are doing for yourself. Indulge yourself in a luxury only nature can provide.


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Rik S., Fred V., and Deby H. met on Thursday, Aug. 4th, at Fred's house to discuss new ideas, the direction and future of NCN. We went over the current membership roll and discussed whether it would be beneficial to all if Rik sent out a notice every six months (by snail mail), rather than monthly, to members to let them know when their membership is due. We did decide that as of the beginning of 2017, that if members become 60 days past due in paying the membership fees, that after that time - if they chose to renew - they will need to resubmit their membership request via the website Rik will soon begin working on a Facebook group page (that will be private in order to preserve the confidentiality of members), and when it's ready to be launched, we will let everyone know. We are wanting to use the Facebook group page as the key means to posts events, share articles, have discussions and the overall way to communicate with members as to the comings and goings of the club. He will also look into other ways of marketing NCN in hopes of obtaining interest from potential new members. There was also discussion of starting to do background checks on all upcoming new members (all current members are grandfathered in). We have just started the work on how to make it happen so hopefully, we will have all that we need by the end of the year to put it into place. One of the things we are wanting to re-implement is a former by-law that required any potential new members to attend 3 events before being extended the invitation to join NCN. Copies of the mission statement, member's handbook, and etiquette guidelines were handed out, and will be reviewed on our on time so that we can think about changes we want to make. The mission statement can be found on NCN's website under the "Mission" tab, and the member's handbook is located on the website under the tab that says "More". Another new change will allow NCN members who have relative/friend(s) who are not members but would like to attend an event are welcomed to do so as long as the individuals are in the company of current NCN members, event host is made aware of the non-member(s) attendance (ahead of time) and that the NCN member will be held accountable for their non-member relative/friend(s) behavior/action(s). NCN is a clothes free social nudist club so any non members who attend will need to undress but may remain in a wrap or covered by a towel. It was discussed and decided that the Board Members will not have any specific titles, but rather are representatives of the club. And, in order for NCN to exceed, current members need to get involved. We encourage any NCN members who would like to participate on the Board to please let Deby H., Rik or Fred know. We are wanting to make NCN a safe and fun club for everyone to enjoy, regardless of who you are. If you have an idea for future events, or would like to host an event, please let any one of us know. Deby's is; Rik's is and Fred's is Deby H. NCN Representative  
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